Reduced Lens Community

Welcome to Reduced Lens Community, the freely available and open source vision improvement community.

What's happening?

Reduced Lens Wiki

Due to server costs and seeing how people interact with, the choice has been made to reduce these costs while still preserving as much free content as possible.

Reduced Lens Wiki saw very very few edits, just like EndMyopia Wiki for many years, and there ultimately isn't much of a point in keeping a Web 2.0 MediaWiki instance running on a backend that costs money when all the content is effectively already written and all people really want to do is read the content.

People can either choose to read EndMyopia Wiki with virtually the same content as Reduced Lens Wiki had, or use the Reduced Lens Wiki archive. If you're crazy enough you can rehost the wiki yourself.

For a more modern way to read the most important content of the wiki, you can use the Reduced Lens Book.

Reduced Lens Forum

Thanks to everyone who participated in the forum. Ultimately it has to be closed though - the Discord server will always be around for as long as possible for those interested in talking to other people to get advice.